89" Kiosk AV DesignLine Workstation

Rental:$2,425 - $2,546
*Price excludes: electronics, merchandising accessories, furniture, flooring, freight, labor, duties, taxes, potential transfer fees or showsite expenses including electrical or rigging. Price is an estimate only and a final quote must be provided by Nomadic.
This Nomadic multi purpose steel sided kiosk continues to defy traditional display kiosks by accommodating iPads for power packed presentations, product shelves for display brand awreness, and locking storage.
24'' D x 48'' W x 89'' H
Approximate Weights:
Max Loaded: 300 lb
DIM: 220 lb
2 - FlatPack 300 - 14.02" x 29.72" x 52.56"
Purchase Version:AB0523N